Themed Gift Boxes

As an alternative to a basket as the gift container, choose from our many themed diecut gift boxes. 

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A special thank you salute to our veterans who defend our freedom around the world ... this camouflage gift box is filled with a ceramic mug, coffee, tea, biscotti, Jelly Belly camo beans, seasoned pretzels and chocolates. An American flag graces the top of this gift... gifts for him or gifts for her!
American flag themes abound in this gift box with goodies all made in the USA. Includes gourmet cookies, Virginia peanuts, chocolate candies, jelly beans, fruit hard candies and American-grown teas! A mini American flag tops off this gift.
Willow Tree® Angel of the Garden stands in this pretty fern-design gift box, which also includes cookies and tea, a notepad and note cards, Greenwich Bay gardener's soap and hand lotion and a scented votive candle. A brightly colored bow tops this angel gift! A great housewarming basket or gardening basket!
Happy Birthday to You!!! Our homemade whipping cream pound cake and birthday candles are featured in this festive "Happy Birthday" gift box. Also comes with our homemade peanut butter fudge, Jelly Belly jelly beans, notepad and pen, birthday greetings picture frame and fruit hard candies. (Even includes a book of matches to light the birthday candles!)
Celebrate a birthday with this festive box full of snacks. Birthday basket box includes notepad, cookies, pretzels, chocolates, nuts, soda, candies and more.
Our large diecut train box brings a load of cheerful wishes! Includes our homemade cookies, a milk chocolate train, gourmet glazed popcorn, shortbread, jelly beans, trail mix, M&M's, fruit hard candies, sudoku puzzle book, crossword puzzle book, notepad, pen and jigsaw puzzle.
Available for shipping from October through May. (This candy gift basket can be hand-delivered in our local delivery area year-round.) Chocolate baskets cannot be shipped during the summer season. If you wish to ship a chocolate gift basket during the summer, please give us a call so that we can customize your gift using appropriate items that won't melt. Lots of chocolate is packed into this gift box - from chocolate chip and other chocolate cookies, cocoas, HERSHEY'®S Milk Chocolate Bar and HERSHEY'®S KISSES®Milk Chocolates, Wolfgang® chocolate bar, our homemade chocolate peanut butter fudge, M & Ms® and more! Yummy!!
Cute doggie gift box features a ceramic dog-themed mug and notepad, chocolate chip cookies, Virginia peanuts, teas and chocolate candies.
Brightly colors decorate this festive "Happy Birthday" gift box of birthday treats! Birthday basket box includes our homemade cookies, jelly bellies, teas & coffees, fruit gems, chocolate covered fruit, soda, spiral notepad, pen and chocolate candies.
Happy Birthday mug is featured in this birthday box filled with treats! Features 13 oz. ceramic mug, our homemade cookies, fruit glazed popcorn, cocoas, jelly beans, trail mix, chocolate bar and other chocolate candies.
Tall cowboy boot ornament is the focus of this western themed gift box. Also includes spicy salsa, sausage, cheeseball mix, coffee tucked inside checkered cloth bag and Wild Bill's jerky chew. Cowboy boot ornament is made of resin, stands 7" tall and is 6" wide from toe to heel.
Birthday candle wishes are the theme on this festive "happy birthday" gift box filled with our homemade cookies, jelly beans, trail mix, chocolate peanut chew bar, fruit gems, Virginia peanuts, teas, chocolate pretzels, our chocolate peanut butter graham cracker, teas and fruit hard candies!
Celebrate many happy years ahead with this birthday selection of pamper gifts ... includes Australian Simple Scents moisturizing soap, wooden soap rest, shea butter body lotion, bath powder, lip balm, inspirational book, notecards, notepad and pen ... all neatly arranged in a festive birthday basket box.
Popcorn themed container if brimming with enough snacks for several nights of movie viewing! Includes 3 flavors of Cedar Creek glazed popcorn (French vanilla, English toffee & caramel), crab seasoned popcorn, 3 packs of microwave popcorn, chocolate chip cookies, trail mix, gummy bears, jelly beans, M & Ms, and a variety of candy bars and theater boxes of candy. The popcorn basket makes a great serving bowl for the popcorn or other snacks! Please note that if the weather is hot when this gift is to be shipped, we will substitute other snacks and sweets for the chocolate items in this snack gift basket.
Patriotic themes are featured on this gift box filled with a variety of snacks, including seasoned pretzels, chocolate chip cookies, shortbread, jelly beans, Virginia peanuts, American Classic teas, magnetic notepad, M & Ms in a keepsake acrylic box with patriotic stickers. A patriotic bow and American flag complete this gift.
"Texas Proud" gift box features a keepsake cowboy boot ornament. Also includes trail mix, peanuts, Bear Creek dip mix, coffee, seasoned pretzels, Lady Walton chocolate wafer cookies and Wild Bill's jerky chew. Cowboy boot ornament is made of resin, stands 7" tall and is 6" wide from toe to heel.
Our "Thank You" gift box is sure to bring a smile! Box is filled with our homemade cookies and whipping cream pound cake, seasoned pretzels, Katharine Beecher butter mints, Rothschild raspberry jam, rainbow fruit glazed popcorn, Hit cookies, Virginia peanuts, chocolates and notecards.
Yummy treats fill this "Thanks a Million" gable box! Homemade cookies, glazed popcorn, tropical fruit mix, Virginia peanuts, Jelly Belly cocktail classics jelly beans, a London mint bar and chocolate money can be found inside.
Perfect corporate thank you gift for a client or associate! "Thanks a million" money themed box is filled with our homemade cookies, London Mint bar, trail mix, coffees and cocoas, jelly beans, hard candy sticks, chocolate coins, notepad and pen.
Scenic tropical getaway gift box is filled with fruit soda, trail mix, fruit candy sticks, Jelly Belly® tropical mix jelly beans, festive paper napkins, peach iced tea cold brew bags, tropical moisturizing soap and hand lotion, Yankee Candle® votive, and seashore notecards.
Contemporary "Swircle" designs cover this gift box full of sweets and treats! Gift includes our homemade cookies, notepad and pen, coffees, trail mix, fruit gems, seasoned almonds, chocolate covered strawberries, jelly beans, M & M®'s and other chocolates.
Perfect for housewarming, or coming home, this gable box is filled with our homemade cookies, glazed popcorn, chocolate covered fruit, coffee, teas, honey and a magnetic notepad.
Welcome! picket fence gift box with brightly colored bow contains our homemade cookies, coffees and assorted fruit and chai teas, trail mix, fruit gems, chocolate covered fruit, spiral notepad and a mini notepad with pen. A great housewarming gift basket to say "welcome to your new home!"