Thanksgiving Gift Baskets

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Perfect for a small office, or family and friends get-together, this six-pack muffin gift package delivers yummy goodness! Contains an assortment of six large muffins and a drink package of hot beverage choices, including 4 flavored teas, 2 gourmet cocoas, 2 hot cider mixes, a perfect potful coffee and sugar stir stick.
Our large autumn leaves fall gift basket is beautifully decorated with leaf accents and a gorgeous bow! This fall gift basket includes gourmet cookies, caramel popcorn, spicy chai teas, autumn harvest pumpkin lentil soup mix (really fantastic!), crackers, fruit tea, ciders, dried fruit mix, a chocolate pear and a chocolate orange (milk chocolate in the shape of fruit), honey roasted Virginia peanuts, cheerful notecards and Werther's candies. Completed fall basket dimensions with contents as shown are 15" wide x 20" tall x 10" deep. Makes a great Thanksgiving gift basket!
Our medium version of this autumn gift basket is trimmed with fall colors and leaf accents. The fall basket is filled with cider mixes and spicy chai teas, chocolate covered fruit - cherries, apricots & blueberries, a chocolate apple (milk chocolate in the shape of an apple), peanut brittle, delicious dried fruit mix, teas, fall votive candle and glass votive holder, notebook and pretty fall berry and acorn accents. Completed fall gift basket dimensions with contents as shown are 12" wide x 16" tall x 8" deep. Makes a great Thanksgiving gift basket!
Seasonal ribbon colors and autumn leaves decorate this fall gift basket of treats! Brent and Sam's cookies, honey roasted sesame sticks, 2 Mott's ciders, our hand-dipped chocolate cookies, herbal teas, a notepad, pen, notecards, fall votive candle and glass votive holder fill this autumn basket. Makes a great Thanksgiving gift basket!
This Duo Muffin Pack features 2 large muffins and a hot beverage package which includes 5 flavored teas, 2 cocoas and 2 hot cider mixes.
Yankee Candles® are featured in this keepsake woven chest. Includes 7 oz. Housewarmer candle with metal lid (approx. burn time - 35-45 hours) and 4 Yankee Candle® votives in a variety of fall fragrances. (Approx. burn time for votives - up to 15 hours.) Makes a great Thanksgiving basket.
A variety of four large muffins will arrive nestled in a gift box along with a drink package featuring hot beverages - 5 flavored teas, 2 gourmet cocoas and 2 hot cider mixes. Perfect for friends, office associates or a special couple!
The edibles are irresistible in this variation of the traditional fruit basket... a sampling of seasonal fruit (may vary from picture), our own signature homebaked cookies & cake, teas, gourmet coffees, salted sesame sticks, glazed popcorn, seasoned pretzels, trail mix, and candies. Many of our customers send our fruit and goodie baskets as condolence gift baskets. After the loss of someone special, we deliver to the healing place, the home... send comfort to the ones left behind with our sympathy basket. Choose from a variety of our unique custom gift baskets with a fruit and goodie theme.
Classic thank you gift box comes with our homemade cookies, coffee, tea and biscottis, Virginia peanuts and California seasoned almonds, trail mix, Sarris® chocolate candy bar, Goldenberg® peanut chew bar, Jelly Belly® cocktail classics jelly beans, London Mint® chocolates, East Shore® seasoned pretzels and a Wolfgang® candy bar.
Our homemade cookies and cakes are the stars in this bakery package. Two boxes of our homemade cookies (we will choose a variety of 4 flavors of our cookies to go in these boxes) and two of our homemade cakes, including our signature whipping cream pound cake, fill this hunter green gift package. We have added teas, ciders, cocoas and coffees for the perfect complements to our bakery treats!
Our Level 2 Bakery Treats Package features our own homemade cookies and our own yummy peanut butter fudge, along with glazed popcorn, 3 teas and 2 ciders. Contains 6 of our yummy large cookies in 2 flavors.
A true blue variety of our most delectable confections and sweet treats ... our own homebaked cookies and cakes arranged in a gift package. Our Level 5 Bakery Treats Gift Package features 2 boxes of our homebaked cookies and 2 of our homebaked cakes, our yummy peanut butter fudge, 6 teas, 4 ciders and 2 gourmet cocoas. Each box of homemade cookies contains 6 of our large cookies in 2 flavors. A total variety of 4 flavors of cookies will arrive in this gift package. A homemade whipping cream pound cake - our moist, fantastic cake that everyone raves about - and one other flavor of our delicious cakes will also be included!
Featuring our large homebaked gourmet cookies! This gift package has one box of our cookies, sweet and salty trail mix, chocolate covered nutter butters, cocoa, flavored teas, fruit gems and other candies. (Box of our homemade cookies contains 6 of our yummy large cookies in 2 flavors of our choice.) Contents of this gift package are carefully arranged inside the box, and the lid is closed for shipping.
Hunter green gift package features our large homebaked gourmet cookies! This gift package has 2 boxes of our cookies, flavored teas and coffee, trail mix, gourmet sugar and key lime cookies and 2 chocolate wafer cookies. (Each box of cookies contains 6 of our yummy large cookies in 2 flavors of our choice. A total of 4 flavors of our cookies will be included in this gift package.)
Wow, our Level 5 - Yummy Cookies and Treats Gift Package is great for sharing with an office or large family ... lots of cookies, treats and a variety of beverages. Hunter green gift package is filled with 6 boxes of our large homebaked cookies, flavored teas, coffees and cocoas, trail mix, chocolate dipped oreos, chocolate dipped vienna fingers, M & M gourmet cookies and cheese straws, Otterbein sugar cookies, Be-Bop biscottis, shortbreads, Bahlsen Hit cookies and Lady Walton chocolate wafers. (Each box of cookies contains 6 of our yummy large cookies in 2 flavors of our choice. Features our gourmet snickerdoodles, Chinese almond, pecan crunchies, crunchy chocolate chip, toffee, ginger and peanut butter cookies, whenever possible.
Our "Thank You" gift box is sure to bring a smile! Box is filled with our homemade cookies and whipping cream pound cake, seasoned pretzels, Katharine Beecher butter mints, Rothschild raspberry jam, rainbow fruit glazed popcorn, Hit cookies, Virginia peanuts, chocolates and notecards.
Perfect corporate thank you gift for a client or associate! "Thanks a million" money themed box is filled with our homemade cookies, London Mint bar, trail mix, coffees and cocoas, cocktail classics jelly beans, hard candy sticks, chocolate coins, notepad and pen.