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Cute plush terrycloth and velour sea turtle is tucked into this gift package along with lots to learn and do! Package includes Nat. Geo Kids Book of Ocean Animals, animal activity book, coloring book, jigsaw puzzle, crayons, colored pencils, squirtie turtle and dolphin, Go Fish card game, animal crackers and Swedish fish candies.
Cute plush honey bear sits in this basket of "feel better soon" treats. Basket includes our homemade cookies, honey, honey spoon and honey dipper, ceramic mug, a variety of teas in a keepsake cloth bag, tea biscuits, honey roasted sesame sticks, Werther's candies, Burt's Bees lip balm and body lotion.
Appropriate for kids ages 4 - 9, this festive gift package comes with 2 plush brightly colored fish, Down By the Sea coloring book, Dory Color & Play book with stickers, fish jigsaw puzzle, Go Fish card game, fishie and starfish mini squirties, crayons, colored pencils, fun modeling dough, bubbles, chocolate chip cookies and swedish fish candies. Wow, lots of fun play!
Adorable plush puppy comes with a playful puppies coloring/activity book and sticker book, puppy jigsaw puzzle, fun modeling dough, colored pencils and crayons, glazed popcorn, chocolate chip cookies and candies in a hunter green gift package. Appropriate for kids ages 4 - 8.
Lots of things to do during recovery time with this get well basket. Gifts include suduko, crossword and word find books, emoji handwipes, original slinky (metal - not plastic), playing cards, jigsaw puzzle, magnetic doodleballs, notebook and mechanical pencil, plush bear, chocolate chip cookies, pretzels, chips, chocolates, jelly beans and more.
"Feel better soon" get well box is filled with treats, keepsake bear and things to keep the patient occupied as they recover! Includes a plush bear (our choice of 4 colors - see picture below), lotion, word find book, sudoku puzzle book, pen, notepad, chocolate chip cookies, teas and candies in a keepsake acrylic box.
Large hunter green basket is filled to the brim with goodies for a wonderful Italian feast! Basket includes 2 Dell 'Amore marinara sauces, spaghetti, bruschetta crisps, sesame sticks, lemon oregano vinaigrette, parmesan cheese crisps, 2 single serving coffees, 2 chocolate spoons, 2 biscottis, chocolate covered fruit (apricots, blueberries and cherries), Birnn chocolate truffles, 3 teas, pistachios, shortbreads and hard candies.
Large plush orangutan (13" high in sitting position) dominates this gift package with lots of learning fun inside. Gift also includes a wild animal coloring book, crayons, magic markers and colored pencils, word search activity book for kids, 3 storybooks about monkeys and apes, Finger Flickin' feeding zoo game, animal crackers, jelly beans and candies in a keepsake acrylic box decorated with a monkey theme. Appropriate for ages 6-11.