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College Care Packages & Gift Baskets

Send our college care packages and other goodie gift baskets around exam time or just as a "thinking about you" gift!  Choose from our multiple selections or create your own gift combination!

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College Care Package - #1 - Munchies for One or Two!

This college care goodie package is perfect for one or to share with a roommate, especially during college exam study time! Hunter green gift package contains candy bar, 2 kinds of potato chips (1 oz. snack sizes), pretzels, gourmet glazed popcorn, gummy bears, chocolate chip cookies, peanuts and York® peppermint patties. Hunter green gift package measures 13" x 7" x 3.5".

College Care Package - #2 - Late Night Snack Attack

Our college care packages are perfect for snacking while college exam studying or just hanging out with friends! Hunter green gift package is filled with a box of J&M Cookies, pretzels, gourmet glazed popcorn, potato chips (1 oz. snack bag), trail mix (peanuts, cashews, almonds, M & Ms® and raisins), Ghirardelli® chocolate squares, HERSHEY'®S KISSES®Milk Chocolates, York® peppermint patties and 2 gourmet cocoas.

College Care Package - #3 - Be Healthy!

A healthy alternative in our college care goodie packages, this one contains healthy snacks - our homemade pumpkin raisin cake, flavored pretzels, Vermont cheese, trail mix, seasoned almonds, tea, ciders, chicken noodle soup and seasonal fruits fill this hunter green gift package.

Deluxe College Care Package - #4

Deluxe snack package is loaded with our homemade cookies and cake, gourmet glazed popcorn, pretzels and potato chips (1 oz. snack size), Ghirardelli® chocolates, 3 pieces of seasonal fruit, HERSHEY'®S KISSES®Milk Chocolates, Brent and Sam's® gourmet cookies, seasoned almonds, smoked sausage, specialty rootbeer (or other flavored soda), coffee, teas, & cocoa. This deluxe college care package contains plenty for an evening study group preparing for college exams or with friends just hanging out!

Colossal College Care Package - #5

This largest of our hunter green college care gift packages (17" x 11" x 6.5") is jam-packed full of loads of goodies for several nights of studying for college exams, chatting with friends, etc. College exam snacks package includes 2 boxes of our homemade cookies, homemade cake, gourmet glazed popcorn, large bag of flavored pretzels, Vermont cheese, sausage, large bag of potato chips, trail mix, Ghirardelli® chocolates, HERSHEY'®S KISSES®Milk Chocolates, 6 pieces of seasonal fruit, chocolate chip cookies, pistachios, specialty rootbeer, chocolate covered pretzels, chicken noodle soup, coffee, cocoa and ciders. All items shown in the picture are arranged and packed inside this gift box, and the lid is closed. During warm months (May through September), it may be necessary for us to substitute other snacks for chocolate items that would melt during shipping.

All Star Sports Tin

Lots of treats for any sports lover, this 2 gallon sports themed tin is filled with cookies, glazed popcorn, Virginia peanuts, pretzels, jelly beans, chocolate sports balls and other chocolate candies, cocoas, a keepsake ceramic sports mug and a fun Hey Batter Batter Finger Flickin' game.

Love of Learning Gift Basket

Willow Tree® Love of Learning figurine - "Open books, open minds" - stands in this gift basket with our homemade cookies, teas in a keepsake cloth bag, notebook and pen and hand therapy cream. A great teacher basket, too!

Sweet and Salty Gift Package - Small Size

Always a favorite, this gift box is packed with a sampling of snacks - includes gourmet cookies, seasoned pretzels, trail mix, glazed popcorn, jelly beans, nuts, chocolates and more!

Sweet and Salty Gift Package - Medium Size

Another version of our sweet and salty, this gift package features our cookies, sesame sticks/ savory almonds, flavored pretzels, glazed popcorn, caramels, trail mix, chocolates, nuts, candies and more!

Sweet and Salty Gift Package - Large Size

Our large size sweet and salty gift package is filled with 2 boxes of J&M cookies, nuts, glazed popcorn, jelly beans, flavored pretzels and chocolate covered pretzels, tropical fruit mix, chocolates and other candies!

Sweet and Salty Gift Package - Extra Large Size

An even larger version of our favorite sweet and salty package is filled with 2 boxes of our homemade cookies, dipping pretzels and honey mustard, nuts, glazed popcorn, sesame sticks, peanut brittle, chocolates and other candies!

Sweet and Salty Gift Package - Colossal Size

Our colossal version of a great mix of sweet and salty flavors! Gift package includes J& M cookies, pretzels and mustard, nuts, glazed popcorn, gourmet cookies, caramels, mints,trail mix, peanuts, hard candies, chocolate and other goodies!

Just Send Chocolate! Gift Package

Available for shipping from October through May. (This chocolate gift package can be hand-delivered in our local delivery area year-round.) Chocolate gift baskets cannot be shipped during the summer season. If you wish to ship a chocolate basket during the summer, please give us a call so that we can customize your chocolate gift basket using appropriate items that won't melt. Just Send Chocolate Gift Package includes a variety of chocolates from HERSHEY'®S Milk Chocolate Bar and HERSHEY'®S KISSES®Milk Chocolates to chocolate covered pretzels, gourmet chocolate chip cookies, our own homemade oatmeal chocolate chip cake, PA Dutch Cnadies chocolate bar, our homemade fudge, M & Ms®, other chocolates and cocoas.