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Candles & Stationery Baskets

Send a simple candle starter package or send a multitude of fragrances with one of our larger candle and stationery baskets!

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Candle Lover Gift Basket

6 votive candles and a Sisters at Wick's End soy jar candle are nestled in this seagrass basket. Candle basket is 6.5" wide.

Candle Paradise Gift Basket

Ahhh, lots of wonderful fragrances are contained in this Candle Paradise gift basket! Contains 7 Yankee Candle®votive candles in a variety of scents, Sisters at Wick's End soy jar candle, a set of 4 Yankee Candle®Farmer's Market sampler votive candles, mini notepad and pen. Pretty silk flowers are scattered throughout the candle basket and cheery ribbons complete this candle gift basket.

Candle Scents with Mini Hamper

Mini white-washed hamper is filled with scented votive candles, glass tealight/votive holder, magnetic notepad, journal and set of 4 notecards. Completed gift basket measures 9" wide by 10.5" tall.

Candles and Notes Gift Basket

Bright colors are everywhere in this candle basket filled with candles and notes. Includes 7 Yankee Candle®votive candles in a variety of fragrances, tea light candles, glass votive holder, Yankee Candle® tumbler candle with metal lid, mini notepad with pen, notecards, sticky notes and tabs, magnetic list pad and journal. Colorful, sparkly ribbons complete this candle gift basket.

Candles and Soaps Gift Basket

Cute white-painted picket fence basket holds 4 Yankee Candle® votives and glass votive holder, Simple Scents® moisturizing soap and shower scrubbie, foot brush and Camille Beckman® glycerine soap.

Scents and Notes Gift Basket

Our Scents and Notes Gift Basket features 5 Yankee Candle®votive candles and glass votive holder, a 3" pillar candle (unscented) wrapped with pretty ribbon and floral accents, notecards, magnetic list pad, journal and pen, sticky notes and Happiness quotation book in a bamboo handled basket.

Seashell Gift Box

Seashell designs gift box is filled with shore-themed bath and pamper items. Includes 2 beach or ocean-themed votive candles, glass votive holder, lotion and soap, perfumed body powder, q-tips and cottonballs in coordinating shell decorated acrylic boxes, shell notecards and notepad, teas in a coral design fabric bag! Real shell accents complete the theme!

Soothing Scents Candle Gift Basket

Yankee Candles® provide soothing scents in this candle basket. Includes 7 oz. Housewarmer candle with metal lid (approx. burn time - 35-45 hours) and 4 Yankee Candle® votives in a variety of everyday fragrances. (Approx. burn time for votives - up to 15 hours.), along with a glass dish for displaying and burning the votives.

Starter Country Candle Gift Package

A variety of fragrances of 8 Yankee Candle® votive candles and 2 glass votive holders are neatly packed in our small kraft box. A great beginning for any candle lover!

Time and Again Candle Basket

Four votive candles, tea lights and a Sisters At Wick's End soy jar candle are featured in this pretty mini basket with a cheery bow. Completed candle gift basket measures 6.5" wide x 12" tall.

Ultimate Yankee Candle® and Stationery Basket

Wow, up to 267 hours of Yankee Candle® burn time in this candle basket! This ultimate in Yankee Candles® and stationery basket is filled with 10 Yankee Candle® votives (each burn time is up to 15 hours), glass votive and tealight holder, a tumbler Yankee Candle® (burn time is 35-45 hours) and a box of 12 Yankee Candle® tealights (each tealight will burn for 4-6 hours). Also comes with a soy candle made by Sister's at Wick's End, a local candlemaker here in Hanover, PA. Stationery includes a set of 4 notecards and envelopes, magnetic listpad, clipboard, notepad journal and pen. A picture frame and photo album complete this candle gift basket, along with pretty ribbon and silk flower accents.

Warm Fragrances Candle Gift Basket

Lots of warm fragrances galore in this candle gift basket! Includes Yankee Candle® 7 oz. tumbler jar, 13 Yankee Candle® votive candles and 2 glass votive candleholders. Tumbler jar burn time is 35-45 hours and each votive candle burns up to 15 hours!

Warm Scentiments Candle Basket

Pretty basket with bright bow is filled with 5 scented votive candles, a glass tealight/votive cup, magnetic notepad, sticky notes and tabs and a coordinating journal notepad.

Writer's Corner Stationery Basket

Beautiful Carol Wilson® embossed stationery set is central in this writing gift basket. Also includes a Great Quotations® book, photo frame, silky body cream, notepad, sticky tabs & mini notepad set, pen and press notes along with 2 votive candles and glass votive holder.

Candle Lights Gift Box

Another great little thank you gift, this gold box contains 4 votive candles and a glass votive cup!

Away We Go! Tricycle Gift Basket

Cute tricycle basket with 2 scented votive candles, Camille Beckman hand therapy, bicycle-themed notecards and a mini notepad, silk flower accents and floral bow. Tricycle basket (without contents) measures 10" long and stands 6.5" tall. Can be used as a planter for a small to medium-sized plant.

Winter's Glow Fragrances Gift Basket

Yankee Candle® winter fragrances are highlighted in this candle gift basket which includes a 7 oz. winter tumbler candle (burns 35-45 hours) and 4 votive candles. Pretty white sparkle snowflake ribbon and platinum and gold accents complete this candle basket.

Christmas Fragrances Gift Basket

Yankee Candles® galore in this candle basket - includes a 7 oz. holiday tumbler candle (burns 35-45 hours) and 4 Christmas votive candles with a glass votive holder. Pretty holiday ribbon and pine accents complete this holiday basket.

Light Up the Holidays Gift Basket

Cute mini basket comes with 4 Yankee Candle® holiday votive candles, glass votive holder and a Sisters at Wicks End soy jar candle. Pretty ribbon and pine accents complete this candle basket! Completed candle gift basket measures 6.5 " wide x 8" tall.

Starter Holiday Candle Package

Our starter holiday candle package comes with 8 holiday votive candles and 2 glass candle holders. All items are tucked into our basket-stamped kraft box.

Winter Holiday Candle Gift Box

Our winter holiday candle box is filled with Yankee Candle® winter fragrances. Includes a 7 oz. tumbler candle (burns 35-45 hours) and 4 votive candles. Pretty ribbons and pine and berry accents complete this basket-stamped gift box.

Holiday Candle Lights Gift Box

Another great little thank you gift, this gold box contains 4 votive candles and a glass votive cup! Dimensions of gift box are approx. 9" x 3" x 3". Bottom of photo displays the items that are tucked inside the box. Top of photo shows those contents tucked into the box.

Holiday Fragrances Gift Basket

Pretty holiday basket is filled with 16 Yankee Candle® votives (burn times up to 15 hours each),a glass votive candleholder, Yankee Candle® 7 oz. tumbler candle with an approximate burn time of 35-45 hours, wooden holiday ornament and Christmas Carol storybook. Pretty pine and berry accents and holiday ribbon complete this gift basket.

Holiday House of Candles

Keepsake holiday house is brimming to the roof with an assortment of holiday candles! Lift off the lid and reveal a 7 oz. Yankee Candle® tumbler jar with an approximate burn time of 35-45 hours, 8 Yankee Candle® votives with a burn time of up to 15 hours each and 2 glass votive candleholders. Pine accents and a cute wooden holiday ornament complete this gift. House is 8.5" tall to roof peak, 6.5" wide and 5.5" deep. Contents are arranged inside the house and the roof is closed.

You Are Loved

Beautifully decorated floral gift box adorned with uplifting gold embossed wording like “you are loved” on the exterior and “blessed” on the interior. Great to uplift someone’s spirits, as an anniversary gift, or any special occasion! Filled with beauty products and sealed with tissue paper. Contains: Greenwich Village lotion and soap, Yankee Candle, foot pumice/brush combo, colored cotton swabs in re-useable acrylic container with bow, body loofah and note pad.