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Great Quotations books are a great addition to any gift combination.

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Book - 301 Ways to Stay Young At Heart

Take a step back in time to the days when the simplest things were such a thrill. Great Quotations books.

Book - A Grandmother's Love Lasts Forever

167 pages of delightful quotations about grandmothers and their special love. Compiled by Patrick Caton and Deborah Hansen. Great Quotations books.

Book - Chicken Soup

A Collection of Yiddish Sayings compiled by Peggy Schaffer. Great Quotations books.

Book - Cornerstones of Success

Discover successful fundamentals through the insights of people who aimed for the moon, then reached the stars. Great Quotations books.

Book - Happiness Is Found Along the Way

A collection of quotations to brighten your day complied by Vernon McClellan. Great Quotations®.

Book - If I Could Choose One Person in the Whole World to Be My Mom ... It would be You.

A collection of sayings about Moms compiled by Roy Honegger. Great Quotations books.

Book - If My Cat Could Talk

From authors, Donna Hershfeldt and Diana Losacco, "As cat admirers, we couldn't help but wonder what these champions of charm would shard if they could speak their minds. So we went on a journey to find out. We hope you enjoy the thoughts, stories, facts, and humor we discovered." 168 pages. Great Quotations books.

Book - Inspired Thoughts

Inspired Thoughts hardback book compiled by Sarah Walzer and published by Great Quotations books. "Too often we get caught up in the daily activities of life and lose touch with what is truly important. This collection of quotes is designed to focus the mind and stir the soul." 76 pages.

Book - Life's Simple Pleasures

A heartfelt, witty collection of things that make us happy from people of all ages and all 50 states. Edited by Rod Guge - 161 pages. Great Quotations books.

Book - Mrs. Murphy's Laws

Mrs. Murphy's Laws - If anything can go wrong, it will, & it's usually a man's fault ! Great Quotations books.

Book - Only a Sister Could Be Such a Good Friend

The relationship between sisters is an intricate fabric, woven with the strands of their experiences together. This collection of 167 pages of quotations was compiled by Millie Mackiney and published by Great Quotations books.

Book - Parenting 101

Finally, a manual just for the new parents! From burping and bathing, to choosing the perfect babysitter. Includes a humorous glossary. Great Quotations®.

Book - Sharing Our Love

A Great Quotations® book compiled by Joanne Fink - "The perfect relationship is more than finding the right person. It's being the right person. A relationship that grows from mutual love and respect, kindness, understanding and compassion is strong enough to last a lifetime. 76 pages.

Book - Teatime & Friendship Themes

Charming hardback books filled with tea trivia & history, recipes and friendship quotes. Time for Tea (top left in photo) - a celebration of old acquaintances and new. Add the cheeriness that a pot of hot tea brings to the table and you have the perfect formula for an enduring friendship. Filled with uplifting quotes, delicious recipes and inspirational stories. A Cup of Friendship (top right in photo) - filled with party-planning ideas, classic quotes, and brewing tips, along with heartwarming stories, sumptuous recipes and flexible menus that come together and make the perfect Cup of Friendship. Afternoon Tea (bottom left) - The taking of tea has evolved into an art form, ranging from the simple to the sublime. Sprinkled with traditional recipes, Afternoon Tea boasts all the fascinating facts, brewing secrets, and wisdom from the ancients on all things tea, from its earliest history to current trends. Teatime Treats (bottom right) - Brimming with recipes, this collection of savory finger food offers new spins on old classics, sumptuous regional appetizers and original sweets and treats, along with brewing tips for all the trendiest teas served both traditionally and today. Other titles also available. Choose from list below.

Books - Word Finds, Crosswords, Sudoku

Word find puzzle books, crossword puzzle books or sudoku puzzle books make a great addition to gifts for older children and adults. Add to get well gift combinations, etc.!